Testing Laboratories

Product Testing Overview


Our products are carefully tested with the luminaire standard testing with the followings

  • Light Measurement Test
  • Ingress Protection Test (IP Rating or Water & Dust Protection Test)
  • Thermal Test
  • Electrical Parameter & Safety Test
  • IK Test
  • EMC Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Wind Load Calculation Test
  • Harmonic Distortion Test
  • Vaccum Test
  • Thermal Shock Test


Light Measurement Test

At Ligman photometric laboratory we have the latest full scale goniophotometric laboratory to strengthen the LIGMAN photometric test and measurement capacities. This demonstrates our commitment to continual development with our in-house capacities for providing global markets with products of the highest quality with modern design. The flagship of the laboratory is a goniophotometer with mirror arrangement, manufactured in Germany by LMT in Berlin. The GO-DS model goniophotometer provides the highest quality data for LIGMAN's luminaire design and quality control engineers, elevating LIGMAN's photometric capacities to a level shared by an elite circle of industry leaders around the World.

Our photometric laboratory can generate photometric files such as IES and Eulumdat LDT. All phptometric data can download directly at www.ligman.com or product pages.

Measurements with the system are executed in accordance with a number of international guidelines, most notably IES LM 79-08 2007, CIE publication 121-1996, EN 13032-1:2004 and TM-30-15.


ligman photometric lab test
ligman spectro lab test
ligman spectrum lab test
ligman color test



Ingress Protection

Our products pass IP testing (Ingress Protection) meaning resistance to the intrusion and or ingress of foreign objects as defined by IEC 60529 (BS EN 60529:1992). The first digit in the rating is the protection against contact and foreign bodies. The second digit in the rating is the water protection factor.

 ligman ip lab test


Thermal testing

Energy can come in many forms, and it can change from one form to another but can never be lost. This is the First Law of Thermodynamics. A by product of nearly all energy conversion is heat, which is also known as thermal energy. Ligman design and test our product for unwanted accumulated heat.  Because heat can cause a premature shorten lamp life, we strive to decrease heating problem with Thermal testing and measurement and introduce into our design the durability that last a life time of usage.

ligman thermal lab test



Electrical & Parameters Testing

ligman electrical lab test



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