Development & Creation

LIGMAN dedicated and focus on quality and design of luminaires in conjunction with well selected the highest grade of component integration with our knowledges and technologies to the end-users. We are continuously improving, evolving with new inspirations, new designs, finishes and innovative technologies.

The process of the luminaire creation integrates by inspirations, designs,  usage functions, new technologies.


Design & Prototyping

Ligman products are designed using the latest CAD/CAM softwares and tools to create new prototypes for final production. We develop eco value products for the global market trends.

ligman luminaire creation1
ligman luminaire creation2



The product design engineers, optical design engineers, testing engineers and producton engineers work together to develop new luminaires with the highest quality, highest efficiency and value luminaires for our customers.

ligman luminaire creation3
ligman luminaire creation4


LIGMAN uses high corrosion resistance, low copper content aluminium alloy ADC 12 for heatsinks on its LED products. This material is used in automotive industry for mechanical strength and excellent thermal dissipation, ideally suitable for low and high ambient temperature applications. LIGMAN also verify heatsink design thru thermal imaging before commencing commercial production. Due to best thermal verifications process we ensure less than 10% lumen depreciation at 50,000 hours.

ligman luminaire creation5
ligman luminaire creation6